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September 2, 2013


As school shooters plan their attacks on defend less school communities school administrators and their school safety committee members are revising their school safety plans to make sure that it protects the learning environment of their students and teachers.

Katherine S. Newman is the James B. Knapp Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences at Johns Hopkins University and the co-author of "Rampage: The Social Roots of School Shootings" (Basic Books, 2004). She says her research shows patterns in rampage shootings; they are often planned far in advance.

Schools throughout this country are searching for the best alternatives to deter school intruders in the event of a school lockdown. “ Should an intruder gain access into a school building it is still not too late to deter the intruder from entering classrooms while law enforcement responds to the emergency call “ said Dominick Tarquinio, CEO & Founder of TARQMAX SOLUTIONS based in Staten Island, NY.

Tarquinio an educator himself for over 35 years was inspired to take matters into his own hands after learning about the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy. Tarquinio formed his new company and invented, LOCKAIDE, a mechanical keyless lockdown device that teachers will be able to activate instantly. Teachers will no longer need to exit the classroom to lock their doors and place themselves in direct danger with the violent intruder as they attempt to lock the door from the hallway, reenter the classroom and shut the door locked. Over the years and after so many emergency/security drills that Tarquinio has directed, he has noticed that at times some teachers have difficulty finding their classroom keys and are unable to lock and secure their classrooms. This action places all in additional danger.

Juvenile Detective & Police Chaplin David Boone is amazed how simple it is to use LOCKAIDE and yet what a life saving device it is going to be in schools. Detective Boone noted “ when an emergency situation occurs not everybody is going to react the same way which causes precious seconds to be wasted and seconds is all you have to get your kids secured with just a slide of a knob. It’s a tremendous security tool to have.”

LOCKAIDE eliminates all those worries of misplaced classrooms keys, substitute teachers not being issued keys and/or master keys, teachers fumbling with numerous keys while attempting to find the correct key. It also omits the physical confrontation between the teacher and the intruder whereby the teacher no longer need to be in the hallway to lock the door from the outside of the classroom.

Wendy Heffler, teacher of Demarest Middle School, in New Jersey, sees the value that LOCKAIDE can bring to make her school a safer place. She pointed out several reasons that teachers may not have access to the classroom keys. “Teachers sometimes are asked to cover other classrooms and the covering teacher may not know where the primary teacher keeps the classroom keys. This device eliminates all those worries and it keeps it simple!”

In the last two years classroom intruder locks have been purchased by some school district at an enormous cost to the tax payers and adding to the confusion of issuing an additional key to the teachers. Pittsburgh Public Schools teachers will be able to lock out intruders from classrooms in as part of the school district's response to the killings at Sandy Hook Elementary School. The school board voted unanimously to approve the purchase of 4,400 intruder locks in all 59 schools and early learning centers. There was no discussion on the security measure. The equipment allows teachers to lock classrooms from the inside to prevent an incident like the one in December at Sandy Hook in Newtown, Conn. A gunman entered the school and killed 20 children and six adults. The locks cost nearly $783,000, but that does not include the cost of installation. District officials expect that the locks will be installed by the end of the year.

“The use of LOCKAIDE on each classroom door will provide immediate security without breaking the school budget” said Tarquinio. A school district with 1000 doors can secure their classrooms at about $150,000 with the bulk price versus the typical intruder lock cost of $325,000. The difference in cost would be about $175,000 that can be better used for instructional purposes. The installation of LOCKAIDE may be done by existing building maintenance personnel thus bringing additional savings to the district. It takes less than two minutes to install LOCKAIDE. Tarqmax also provides authorized and certified installers in some states. It is unnecessary and money wasting for districts that are removing and disposing their good, working, existing locks; modifying doors with special door hardware guards; and installing new intruder locks, inserting an additional key core on the inside of each classroom for the new lockdown master key that will be issued to the teacher and adding unnecessary installation expenses.
Tarqmax Solutions’ LOCKAIDE will be bring school district tremendous saving by keeping the existing door locks; no additional keys to be issued, misplaced, or lost; and no costly installation required. For more information, please visit: www.lockaide.com or email to: info@lockaide.com .

June 24, 2013

Bergen County School Administrator takes School Lockdown Matters into his Own Hands

Every second counts while a school goes into LOCKDOWN mode. You can now secure the learning environment of students, faculty and staff with just one easy slide and a click without ever stepping into the hallway and possibly facing the violent intruder.
When Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown suffered their tragedy, educators across the country suffered their pain. “ I needed to figure out a way to slow down and deter an intruder to allow time for law enforcement to respond which would save countless lives,” said Dominick Tarquinio. He immediately was inspired to take matters into his own hands, and invented LOCKAIDE, and formed his new company TARQMAX SOLUTIONS, LLC headquartered in Staten Island, New York.

Tarquinio, vice principal of Thomas Jefferson Middle School in Fair Lawn, New Jersey, spent several months perfecting his device. After several designs, the Fair Lawn school administrator immediately sprang into action and submitted a patent application for his mechanical keyless door security device which is now pending. LOCKAIDE is a stainless steel security door latch guard that allows teachers to lock and secure the classroom doors instantly from inside the classroom, preventing or deterring access from outside the room. Tarquinio, the inventor of LOCKAIDE, made it his obligation to manufacture his product in the United States, nearby Newtown, CT.

“When a lockdown is announced, teachers no longer need to fumble in search for their classroom key. They will immediately walk over to the door slide LOCKAIDE into place and hear the mortise latch click into the strike plate of the door jamb without ever opening the classroom door. The reassuring clicking sound tells the teacher that the door latch is fully engaged and the classroom door is now secured,” said Tarquinio.

“In a real emergency when any personnel who is under duress will be able to act in a split second to activate the security and safety of all occupants in the classroom,” said PTO President of TJMS, Sharda McDonald.

Dominick Tarquinio, member of the New Jersey Principals and Supervisors Association and National Association of Secondary School Principals, will be introducing LOCKAIDE at the 2013 Police Security Expo in conjunction with the New Jersey Association of School Resource Officers Symposium on School Safety at the Atlantic City Convention Center in Atlantic City, New Jersey on June 25 and 26. Newtown, CT Chief of Police Michael Kehoe and First Responding Officers will be speaking at the symposium about the Sandy Hook active shooter response and lessons learned. LOCKAIDE will be featured as soon as you walk into the convention hall at booth #1607.

“Any security device that deters an intruder from entering a classroom is a precious tool to keep our community safer,” said Det. David Boone of the Fair Lawn Police Department.

With the school year ending and students enjoying their summer vacation, school administrators will be rushing to install LOCKAIDE during the summer months and introduce this additional line of defense against intruders in September when students and faculty return.

Several school districts have purchased and installed new intruder locks in their school buildings at a cost of $275 to over $400 per door. The Lindbergh District in the St. Louis County, Missouri will be spending more than $200,000 to install intruder locks in only two of their schools. The Pittsburgh School Board unanimously approved buying 4,400 intruder locks at a cost of $783,000 plus installation. The Newtown School District has purchased over $750,000 of intruder locks to soon be installed. “It is costing tax payers across the country an enormous amount of money to secure their classrooms with new intruder locks that require teachers to have an additional key to guard with their lives,” said Tarquinio. LOCKAIDE eliminates the fear of not being able to find and use the correct master key. It will not require classroom teachers, floating teachers and substitute teachers to carry additional keys. “ It provides immediate classroom security without breaking the school budget,” explains Tarquinio.

“It is a brilliant invention that will deter intruders from gaining access to occupied rooms,” said Sherrie Galofaro, principal of Thomas Jefferson Middle School.

“The Van Riper Ellis Christian School will be the first school in Fair Lawn to have LOCKAIDE installed this summer,” said school director Robin Wetzel.

The new CEO and Founder of TARQMAX SOLUTIONS explains that there is no single lock or system to prevent these tragic incidents from occurring. However, each school must undergo a school building and grounds evaluation, and risk assessment to design a detailed footprint roadmap developed in conjunction with law enforcement and emergency responding personnel.

LOCKAIDE will be offering bulk prices for school districts without breaking their school budgets. Interested teachers, principals, school districts administrators, Parent Teacher Associations, colleges, public/government offices and hospitals should visit www.lockaide.com for more information.
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