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Disengaging the LOCKAIDE shield. Lockdown.
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LOCKAIDE is a mechanical door anti latch device used to deter intruders from entering a room.

More particularly, LOCKAIDE is a sliding door anti latch device which allows rapid engagement or disengagement of the latch prevention mechanism.

LOCKAIDE is primarily intended to increase the security of classrooms, university lecture halls, government offices, and hospitals, but can be applied to many other situations as well. For example, classroom doors can be locked to prevent entry from the outside of the room, but must be easy to open from within. LOCKAIDE permits the door to be locked in advance, but prevents latching into the door jamb such that the door can easily be opened from either side. In the event of an emergency such as a school lockdown, the device can be quickly slid up or down with the actuator knob depending on which way the door swings to release the door latch, locking the door and preventing access from the outside of the room. The device does not interfere with egress from the occupied side of the room in compliance with fire code regulations.  LOCKAIDE does not require alteration of existing door hardware and can easily be mounted to doors with metal or wooden door frames.

When an educational institution goes into a lockdown mode, the teacher has to locate the classroom door key and must open the door and step into the hallway in order to lock the door from the outside and possibly face the violent intruder. This places the classroom at risk and can take critical time away from other lockdown procedures, such as shutting off lights, pulling down window shades, and covering the door window. LOCKAIDE can allow a teacher or any occupant to lock the door instantly without the need to open the door, eliminating the time it takes to find the door key, open the door, lock the door from the outside, and step back into the classroom.

It's stainless steel components guarantee to be rust-proof and require no maintenance.This door hardware device eliminates the need to retrofit existing doors for any intruder lock style lock sets. LOCKAIDE is installed in a breeze and does not require any locksmith experience.Four screws permanently secure the LOCKAIDE unit with no adhesive. The two rails allows for proper alignment and the easy slide movement. LOCKAIDE supplements the operation of the exisiting lock and works in harmony in the event of a lockdown. The constant use of the door will not impact the position or durability of the LOCKAIDE shield. One universal unit designed and engineered to be universally used for all four different door swings. TARQMAX SOLUTIONS  LLC makers of LOCKAIDE is the sole source manufacturer and vendor. LOCKAIDE is proudly made in the USA. Please contact us for a quote.

HINGE Tweaker

What is the purpose of a Hinge Tweaker?
The Hinge Tweakers are therapy for your doors. To be more precise, the Standard Weight Hinge Tweaker is designed to rebend standard weight .134 gauge hinges. The Heavy Weight Hinge Tweaker is designed to rebend heavy weight .180 gauge hinges. Both the Standard Weight and Heavy Weight Hinge Tweaker will help you enable the door to operate correctly. In the door and hardware industry we would effectively call this rebending technique, “closing the swedging of a hinge” or “closing the gap”.

The Hinge Tweakers when used correctly can be a time and labor saver. Utilize the Hinge Tweaker and give a lift to your sagging doors. The Hinge Tweakers can be used to correct minor improper door to frame clearances.

Which door hinge do I place the Hinge Tweaker on?
Most frequent adjustments will be completed on the top door hinge. Why only the top hinge you ask? Simply stated, the top door hinge realizes the greatest stress because it carries the majority of the door weight. Therefore, in standard door operating conditions the top hinge will bend and spread apart more than other hinges on the same door. The second most frequent hinge adjustment will be the middle hinge. On rare occasion you might also find a need to rebend the bottom hinge.

How do I use the Hinge Tweaker?
  1. Leave the door hanging and swinging. There is no need to remove the door.
  2. Close the door
  3. Slide the Hinge Tweaker over the hinge knuckles of the bent hinge while the door is in closed position.
  4. Bend the hinge slightly by pushing the Hinge Tweaker away from the door knob/lever side of the door.
  5. After bending the hinge slightly, remove the Hinge Tweaker, then check the swing of the door by opening and closing the door as normal. Make your hinge bending adjustments just a little at a time to avoid over bending and over compensating the hinge and frame.
  6. Repeat the hinge bending process as necessary to get the desired results of having the door close properly.
Caution, excessive force may damage the hinge or door frame.
For more information email us at: info@lockaide.com
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